Welcome to the world of Istomar!

Far to the north, tucked between the Tharwall and Ashfall mountains, along the Nahanni River lays the City of Raven’s End.

Although seemingly isolated, this prosperous, once small hamlet owes its growth to a single, yet immensely valuable source.

Hundreds of years ago, this narrow patch of land was home only to the family of Burstair Keep. It was a mountain retreat, far from the temperate grasslands to the south. It was one of the last refuges of man that were to fall under the shadow of the dark elves.

When order returned to Istomar, a descendant of this great house (or so he claims) Calmain Ramina returned to the vale and founded the City. From here, he made his way north through the bleak cold pass to the dwarven mine of Meravile Deeps. It was through determination and charm he was able to gain audience with the Dwarven King. Overcoming a century of mistrust, he set the groundwork for what would become a prosperous trade relationship. From lands of man would come wheat, ale, wine, livestock and much more. In exchange the dwarves would supply the one resource they had in abundance.


Today, less than a decade later, the town of Raven’s End is a haven for merchants and beggars, lords and thieves, and all manner in between. Many travel the long, dangerous road in search of a small piece of this fortune, brokered by the lords of Raven’s End. There is nothing that can’t be found in the many shops and markets the city bears.

To the west and across the Nahanni River lies the remains of Burstair Keep, it’s once high walls now rubble. It is this rubble that set into motion the events that have put you on your journey north.


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