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    *The journey to the City of Raven's End starts here!* [[Prologue | Prologue]] --an account of the recent history of the world of Istomar [[Introduction | Introduction]] --introducing the town of Raven's End and where your journey begins! h2. …

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    h3. Welcome to the world of Istomar Set in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition universe.

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    h2. Journey to Raven’s End _____________________________ _There are many stories told of the old world._ They are passed down from grandfather to father to son. They speak of the grand, opulent castles of the southern continent, and bridges that …

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the world of Istomar! Far to the north, tucked between the Tharwall and Ashfall mountains, along the Nahanni River lays the City of Raven’s End. Although seemingly isolated, this prosperous, once small hamlet owes its growth to a single …

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